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My name is Saijo George, I am an SEO Consultant & run the SEO division at Supple a Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne, Australia. I dabble in side projects for fame and fortune.

Some of my popular projects include:

This is one of my new side projects. I have a list of quotes that I have been collecting in a Google Sheet that I often go back to when I need some motivation and I have been meaning to do something with it for a while.

Most of them come from Reddit from communities like r/Quotes, r/Showerthoughts,... some from movies or TV shows, a few of them from books and a select few from my motivational quotes guru Uncle Iroh.

Came across the domain I bought it, took all of my quotes, mixed it with some images from Unsplash, a dollop of Google Fonts, a pinch of animation from CodeMyUI and this came out.

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